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Clifton Water District


Water is one of our most precious natural resources, one that all of us depend on daily but often take for granted. On average, the Grand Valley receives about 8.5 inches of precipitation per year. The Grand Valley water needs and supplies, for both domestic and outdoor irrigation, must be supplemented from other sources such as the Grand Mesa and the Colorado River high mountain watershed. Water conservation on a voluntary basis is one way all of us can help in insuring that water treatment, delivery, and storage can keep up with demands.

The three Grand Valley domestic water providers have joined efforts in the development of a Regional Water Conservation Plan. The primary purpose of the plan is "to promote water conservation by example, education, and innovation for the purpose of securing the future water needs of the Grand Valley".

In addition to the Regional Water Conservation Plan, the Grand Valley domestic water providers have developed a Drought Response Plan to enable a "unified" method to deal with issues associated with regional drought concerns.  The public education and information efforts of the Drought Response Plan are handled through the Drought Response Information Project (DRIP).  DRIP has provided a water conservation and drought awareness public education forum since 2003.

Please visit the links on this page to learn more about Clifton Water's drought and water conservation efforts.